Absolute Gauge

Absolute Gauge

The atmospheric pressure varies from place to place depending on the altitude of the location and prevailing weather conditions. In such conditions, precise pressure measurement can be arrived only if a fixed reference point is established.

For this purpose we have developed element of twin bellows, one of the same is totally evacuated and sealed, which shall be the reference point for calibration, i.e. Absolute Zero. These twin bellows are connected through a special type of movement, by which any change in the atmospheric pressure is compensated, and the gauge gives the absolute pressure irrespective of the location.

Dial: 150mm in Aluminium, white background, black markings

Case: SS304/SS316 with bayonet bezel

Window: safety glass

Sensor: Bellow in SS316/SS316L

Connection: ½”NPT (M)

Optional : NACE Compliance

Below listed are the related files that can be downloaded to you PC. All the files are in PDF format.