Breather Valve

Breather Valve

Breather Valve

  • Exceptional flow capacity from a compact valve size
  • Reduces explosion risk and environmental pollution
  • Low leakage rates minimise evaporation losses
  • Economic savings due to reduced product losses
  • Self-draining element prevents rain, dirt or other foreign matter entering the piping system
  • Easy visual in-situ inspection of the element
  • E-Flow™ element provides optimum flow performance and minimal pressure drop
  • Quick and easy to install and maintain with replaceable element
  • Minimum clogging of the element with minimal maintenance
  • Unique valve design provides complete weather protection
  • Protects against atmospheric deflagration

We distribute this breather valve in India, Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia.

Breather Valve

Principles of Operation

The product functions as a combined end-of-line Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valve and a deflagration Flame Arrester. The Pressure Relief Valve prevents vapour losses up to the specified set pressure and ensures reliable protection against excessive pressure.

The Vacuum Relief Valve prevents the ingress of air up to the specified set vacuum pressure and ensures reliable protection against excessive vacuums.

The Flame Arrester element further protects the equipment against atmospheric deflagrations.

The Elmac Technologies® FAB Valve™ Series incorporates Elmac’s E-Flow™ enhanced crimped ribbon technology in the Flame Arrester element. The channel dimensions of the Flame Arrester element are optimised for deflagration protection; whilst ensuring minimal maintenance requirements and maximum flow performance.

In the event of external ignition, the Flame Arrester prevents flame transmission from entering the piping systems and tanks. The FAB Valve™ Series’ unique operating model allows self-draining of the Flame Arrester element. This allows visual inspection and ensures minimal clogging of the element under normal operating conditions.

Technical Specifications

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