Choke Valve RB Series

Choke Valve RB Series

The Taylor Choke Valve RB Series unique valve trim design provides accurate control by the use of precision orifices in the flow nozzle. This design minimizes wear and maximizes service life.

Specifications : Taylor Choke Valve

Connection Size: 2โ€ณ, 3โ€ณ, 4โ€ณ, 6โ€ณ
Connection Type: Flanged
Body Style: Angled
Body Material: LACS 4130

RB2 Control Choke

Cv: 6, 12, 35 (Standard)
Bean Size: 78 / 64thโ€™s (Standard)
Stroke Length: 1.25โ€
Stem Diameter: 0.625โ€
MAWP: 10,000 PSIG

RB3 Control Choke

Cv: 35, 64 (Standard)
Bean Size: 105 / 64thโ€™s
Stroke Length: 1.75โ€
Stem Diameter: 0.625โ€
MAWP: 6,000 PSIG

RB4 Control Choke
Cv: 164
Bean Size: 169 / 64thโ€™s
Stroke Length: 2.45โ€
Stem Diameter: 0.75โ€
MAWP: 6,000 PSIG

RB6 Control Choke
Cv: 420
Bean Size: 270 / 64thโ€™s
Stroke Length: 4.25โ€
Stem Diameter: 1.0โ€
MAWP: 6,000 PSIG

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