Meter Run

Meter Run

Orifice plates are most commonly used primary elements for flow measurement in pipelines based on the principle of measurement of \\\’differential pressure\\\’ created when an obstruction is placed in the fluid flow, due to increase in fluid velocity.

Meter Runs

Generally Meter-run pipe is recommended with upstream length of 750mm and downstream length of 250mm.

Meter runs sizes above 50mm are also available as per the customers or process requirements.

MOC: Orifice Plate in SS 316, SS 304 & other on request.

End Connection: Socket Weld, Screwed and Flanged ends with meter run piping suitable to ANSI, IS & DIN flanges

Meter Runs assembly

■ Accuracy up to ± 0. 5% of volumetric flow rate

■ Integral manifold head allows direct mounting of DP transmitters

■ Ideal fluid types: liquid, gas, and steam

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