Pressure Gauge (Diaphragm Sensing)

Pressure Gauge (Diaphragm Sensing)

Pressure Gauge (Diaphragm Sensing)

Diaphragm sensing pressure gauges are generally used for low pressures where bourdon is insensitive. The sensing element is diaphragm which is connected to movement assembly through a ‘ball & socket’ arrangement. Pressure is transmitted through the diaphragm to transmission shaft.

We supply these pressure gauges to India, Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia.

Pressure Gauge (Diaphragm Sensing)

Dial: 100mm/ 150mm in Aluminium, white background, black markings

Case: SS 304 / SS 316 with bayonet bezel

Window: Safety glass (Shatter proof/ Toughened glass)

Diaphragm: SS 316, PTFE lined SS 316

Bottom flange: SS 304/ SS 316, SS 316+ PTFE Block

Connection: 1/2” NPT (M) or flanged

Blow out disc: Provided

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