Special Thermowell

Special Thermowell

For high pressure application and where welding is to be avoided. Van stone design Thermowell are used. These are machined from a single bar-stock, sandwich between the Nozzle Flange and cover (companion) flange. The OD of the machined portion corresponding the raised face portion of the flange. Wake frequency calculation (in accordance with th PTC 19.3) are performed where ever data is made available and are essential in order to suggest appropriate dimension of Thermowell.

Special :

  • These thermowells are fabricated from pipe with a welded end cap.
  • These thermowells are installed directly into the process by using a bolted flanged connection.
  • Available in various shapes like straight, straight with reduced tip, partial taper & full taper.
  • All type of flanges and flange facings are available as per ansi / din /jis & bs.
  • Ideal for use in longer length tank & vessels where bar stock is a limitation

Sleeved ( Lined ):

Type Bar-stock flanged
Well Material SS316
Process connection Flanged 1″ (DN25) to 3″ (DN80) as per ANSI or DIN as standard. Other on request.
Lining Material Hastelloy C, Nickel, Titanium, Tantalum, Silver
Lining thickness 0.4 mm for Tantalum & Silver, 1 to 1.5 mm for other materials as standard. Other thicknesses can be provided on request.
Insertion length To be specified
Note Sometimes even the conventional stainless steel flanged thermowells can be provided with carbon steel flange corresponding to ASTMA105, with a lining of 3 mm thick stainless steel plate on the RF portion of the flange. This construction offers a very economical solution without having to surrender corrosion resistant characteristics of stainless steels for wetted parts.


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