Stainless Steel Expansion Joint

Stainless Steel Expansion Joint

Thermal growth, overloading, metal fatigue, noise, excessive installation time and early maintenance problems can be significantly reduced or avoided with flexible connectors and expansion joints.

Several types of expansion joints are available for specific needs…

Axial and Lateral Expansion Joints

Hinged and Universal Expansion Joints

Gimbal Expansion Joints

Inline and Elbow Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints

External Pressurized Expansion Joints

Pump Connector Expansion Joints

Exhaust Bellows Expansion Joints

Rectangular Expansion Joints

Heavy Wall Expansion Joints

Bellow Type Dismantling Joints

Our expansion joints are available from 1.1/2″ up to 20″ for a wide range of working pressures. Larger sizes can be manufactured on request. Please consult us for detailed information.

Expansion joints are used widely in building services industry and other general industrial uses. Expansion joints are designed to accommodate vibration and thermal expansion to reduce transmission of noise on a vide range of systems. These include steam, condense, hot water, and heating and air conditioning systems. Other applications include power generation plant and offshore (gas and oil rigs).

SUS 304 stainless steel is the material most commonly used in the manufacture of bellows. This is a high quality material suitable for most service conditions. However, a choice of other materials-316L, 321-is available for special applications. Hardware attachments such as flanges, weld ends. liners and covers are generally made from materials compatible with the piping or vessel adjacent to the expansion joint.

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