Temperature Switch

Temperature Switch

General’ has been designing and manufacturing reliable, high quality pressure switches and differential pressure switches for accurate control of process equipment. Pressure switches are available with sensing element of Below, Diaphragm and piston and differential pressure switches are with sensing element of Diaphragm.

System :Gas (N2) filled case compensated in accordance with SAMA Cl. IIIB

Dial : 100 mm / 150 mm in aluminium, white background, black marking

Case : SS304 / SS316 with bayonet bezel (Flameproof case in Al only)

Protection : Weatherproof to IP-67 (IS/IEC : 60947 / IEC : 60529) Flameproof to IIA IIB (Equivalent to NEC Cl. I Div 2 Gr. C&D) Flameproof to IIC (Equivalent to NEC Cl. Div 1 Gr. A&B)

Stem : SS304 or SS316, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm dia as standard

Connection : 1/2″ NPT (M) adjustable three piece compression fitting as standard Capillary SS Covered / SS Covered + PVC / SS Covered + SS armoured / SS Covered + SS Armoured +PVC (up to 25 Mtr.).

Range : (-) 200 to 800°C (minimum span 80°C )

Accuracy : ± 1% FSD for indication, ± 2% FSD for switching

Over range : 125% FSD

Contacts : 1) SPST, single, normally open, closes on rise in temperature or vice versa, rated 30VA @ 230V AC
2) SPST, two contacts, independently adjustable, one normally open other normally closed or both normally open or normally closed, rated 30 VA @ 230 V AC
3) 1 SPDT, single microswitch, adjustable over entire range, rated 5 amp @ 230 V AC (3A @ 28 VDC)
4) 2SPDT, double microswitch, adjustable over entire range, rated 5 amp @ 230 V AC (3A @ 28 VDC)

Accessory : Relay for the contact assembly to suit 5 amp @ 230 V AC, separately mounted.

Note :1) Flameproof version is offered with SPDT Microswitch in Die Cast Aluminium housing only.

2) Surface mounted flameproof housing is available with capillary.
3) For minimum insertion length essential for proper sensing, contact our design department.
4) Three point calibration certificate accompanies each thermometer.
5) For operating temp>600°C; stem of SS310 / Inconel 600 shall be recommended.

Advantages of Microswitch Type Models: Microswitch is rated 5 amp @ 230 V AC (3A @ 28 VDC). No relay is required. Microswitch is imported from reputed international supplier as combination of movement and switch. Microswitch assembly gives better switching accuracy. Compact design.

Below listed are the related files that can be downloaded to you PC. All the files are in PDF format.