Choke Valve MDA/MDAS Series

Choke Valve MDA/MDAS Series

The MDA / MDAS Series Chokes are made with wear resistant material to extend service life, with redundant O-Rings on the Bonnet Seals and Stem Seals that help prevent leakage. Fully Guided Stems reduce imbalance and vibration. Control Discs provide ANSI Class III/IV Shut off.

Specifications : Taylor Choke Valve

Connection Size: 1″, 2″, 3″
Connection Type: Threaded, Flanged, Butt Weld
Body Style: Angled
Body Material: 1018/1020 CS, 316 SS
Process Fluid: Gas, Liquid, Steam

Body Rating: 5,000 PSI
CV Range: 0.7 – 23.86

Body Rating: 5,000 PSI
MAWP: 1333 PSI for Steam
CV Range: 0.7 – 23.86

Additional Benefits:
Accurate Control – 90 degree rotation from Full Off to Full On.

Bolted Bonnet – Safety Bonnet is bolted into the body, it avoids the well-known risks of corrosion, cross threading, galling of threaded type connection in production environments.

Extended Mean Time Between Service – Robust design and liberal application of hardened materials, efficient flow-geometry means the valves offer maximum production potential and minimum service requirements.

Easy Maintenance – Repair parts can be installed in the field without removing the valve from the line.

Optional Features:

Choke Valves can have trims and actuators custom designed for specific requirements. Such as special noise reduction trims, reduced port and maximum orifice trims, and for very high pressure or minimum pressure loss for a declining field.

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