Flexible Drainage Connector

Flexible Drainage Connector

Flexible Drainage Connector

Rubber/elastomer flexible connectors have been specified and used for many years by consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, pressure vessel designers, plant engineers and turn-key construction firms. They are installed to accommodate movement in piping runs, protect piping from expansion and contraction.

Flexible Drainage Connector

Tozen rubber/elastomer flexible connectors are widely used in piping and pumping application in the following industries:

路 Suction and delivery pumping lines for air-conditioning, ventilation system and chilled water installation.

路 Cooling tower and fan coil unit piping lines.

路 Fire fighting and sanitary system.

路 Pollution control system for sewerage and water treatment.

路 Piping systems in general factories.

路 Power generation plan, marine cooling system, ballast lines, pulp and paper industry, etc.

Tozen Group has manufactured elastomer flexible connectors for more than 25 years. Producing rubber/elastomer connectors is our real core business. Most of Tozen rubber flexible connectors are manufactured with multiple plies of nylon tire cord fabric and natural or synthetic rubber under our special molding rocess. The available sizes range from the smallest

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