MIL 10000 Series- Double Seated

MIL 10000 Series- Double Seated

MIL 10000 Series- Double Seated Control Valve


  • op & bottom Guiding: Provides adequate support against side loads
  • High allowable pressure drops: These valves incorporate simplest form of balanced construction and provide high pressure drop capability with standard actuators.
  • High capacity with low pressure recovery: Flow capacity is at top levels for contemporary double ported valves and is attained with very little pressure recovery as indicated by the high Cf factors, especially for V-Port plug design.
  • Invertible bodies & plugs: The same direct spring diaphragm actuator can provide both air-to-close & air-to-open actions.

MIL 10000 Series Double Seated Globe Control Valve

Technical Specifications

Standard sizes & rating
¾” to 16”: ANSI 150# to ANSI 1500#
Seat leakage class (as per ANSI / FCI 70.2)
Standard: Class II
Optional: Class III & Class VI

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