Pressure Gauge (Capsule)

Pressure Gauge (Capsule)

Capsule Pressure gauges are designed for measuring low/very low pressures and vacuum. The pressure medium needs to be gaseous. The capsule consists of two diaphragms joined and sealed around their circumference. Several such capsules may be combined to enable measurement of very low pressures. Normally, pressure is applied to the inside of the capsule, which changes shape as a result. By means of a link and gear movement system, this deflection is converted into rotation of a concentric pointer indicating pressure on a dial.

Reference Standard: EN 837


Dial : 100mm/150mm, Aluminium, white background, black markings

Case : SS304/SS316 with bayonet bezel

Protection : IP-68

Window : Safety glass (Shatter proof/ Toughened glass)

Pointer : Light weight,balanced,aluminium

Capsule : SS316/SS316L

Socket : SS316/SS316L

Connection : ½” NPT (M)

Range : 0-6000mm WC

Optional : NACE Compliance

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