Prime Surface Plate Heat Exchanger

Prime Surface Plate Heat Exchanger

Banks of DESCO-COILTM , or DESCO-BANKTM , are used for heat recovery, fluidized beds, falling film heat exchangers and as evaporators with various refrigerants combining high efficiency, light weight, ease of cleaning and a minimum of joints.

The versatile and efficient DESCO-COILTM prime surface plate heat exchanger provides uniform thermal control for a multitude of duties and configurations to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Immersion heating and cooling (bank-in-a-tank)
  • Integral jacketing for vessels and storage tanks
  • Clamp-on jacketing for vessels and storage tanks
  • Fluidized bed heating
  • Heat recovery and other banks
  • Suction and bayonet heaters
  • Storage tank heaters
  • Falling film evaporators

DESCO-COILTM with its variable pass configurations creates optimum turbulence resulting in excellent heat transfer properties. The design provides for maximum wetted surfaces and minimizes “dead” spots.
DESCO-COILTM consists of two (2) metal sheets, of equal or unequal thickness, which will eventually form the heat transfer panels. These are completely seal-welded together along the perimeter and spot-welded intermittently across the entire heat transfer surface using an automatic state of the art laser welder. The position and number of welds are computer designed, based on the flow, operating pressure and allowable pressure drop of the fluid flowing through the coils. The coils are then hydrostatically or pneumatically inflated, to the required dimensions.

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