Flow Straightener, Condensate Pot

Flow Straightener, Condensate Pot

The following are the flow instruments accessories in our product range:

Condensate Pot
Flow Straightener

Condensate Pots

We manufacture these condensate pots as per customer’s requirement and design in various sizes 2″, 3″ and 4″ etc. Condensate pots are manufactured in various grades of Carbon steel, Alloy steel & stainless steel. IBR Form IIIC certificate can be provided for condensate pots.

Conditioning Plate and Flow Straightener

Flow conditioners are used to produce a swirl-free, distortion-free highly repeatable velocity flow profile for use in flow meter and pump systems. These eliminates the flow distortion effects of upstream elbows, pipe size changes, valves, dampeners and more to produce a consistent flow profile for flow meters and pumps. Most all flow meter technologies require significant upstream and downstream straight-run to meet and sustain their specified accuracy. Flow conditioners or flow straighteners are used to minimize these straight run requirements.

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